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Company Profile

Boasting 3 million customers and no less than 30 years of experience, Web.com is an inescapable name in the domain registration and web hosting industry, particularly when it comes to catering to small businesses. Part of its far-reaching reputation comes from the network of web services brands Web.com presides over, including such well-regarded names as Network Solutions, Register.com, Leads.com, LogoYes, SolidCactus, and 1ShoppingCart.com.

Web.com itself offers a patented web site and extensive repertoire of web building and online entrepreneurial tools. Its site is secured with Norton VeriSign and has been awarded an impressive A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, indicating Web.com does not run on clout alone.

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Domain Services

Web.com concentrates on a smaller range of TLDs than many of its competitors, (namely .com, .ca, .biz, . net, .org, and .info), though its selection is not solely limited those extensions. Each domain registration includes domain locking and complete DNS control. Bulk registration is also available for up to 250 domain names.

In addition, Web.com customers have the choice of upgrading their registration plan with several add-ons (each incurs an additional fee), including private domain registration, marketing bundle, and hosted exchange.

Additional Services:

Web.com offers three shared hosting plans for Unix and Windows. In addition, it supplies a range of marketing services, including Facebook Boost, SEO, Pay Per Click, and Local Leads). You can also purchase professional email plans, SSL certificates, Reputation Alert (which monitors your business’s reception on the web and helps you take steps to mend it if takes a negative turn), or web builders (you can choose from Do It Yourself or We Build It For You tools).

Basic Pricing

Extension 1 Year 2 Years 5 Years 10 Years
.com $37.00 $35.00 $17.60 $15.00
.net $37.00 $35.00 $17.60 $15.00
.org $37.00 $35.00 $17.60 $15.00
.info $37.00 $35.00 $17.60 $15.00
.biz $37.00 $35.00 $17.60 $15.00
.ca $37.00 $35.00 $17.60 $15.00

Note that Web.com offers a best price guarantee—so don’t go for an underselling competitor simply because of a tempting price.

Customer support

Web.com offers 24/7 toll-free customer support phone line. You can also contact customer service representatives via email. In addition, you can reach out to Web.com via Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Web.com maintains a company blog to help its customers keep abreast of news and offers at Web.com and in the rest of the industry, as well as a range of helpful tips. However, one of Web.com’s signature and most popular features is its touring Small Business Summit (no less than 50 cities are on the touring schedule for the coming year.) Small business owners are invited to attend for free and to learn business-marketing tips for the Web from the best in the business. Web.com is also known for meticulously observing its reception on the Internet and for promptly responding to and addressing any customer complaints it encounters.

Bottom line

Web.com is more than just a big name: along with a high degree of reliability, it offers an impressive suite of small business-oriented and occasionally innovative services: its Small Business Summit, for instance, is unique in the industry. Web.com is, however, not the place to seek out a wide variety of TLDs.

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