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Company Profile

Yahoo is, it goes without saying, a colossal name in web services. Its domain registration, much like its web hosting, is aimed squarely at small businesses, as part of Yahoo Small Business. Yahoo Small Business encompasses a wealth of different web services designed to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams and their full potential, including ecommerce, web hosting, web design, email, marketing, and, of course, domain registration.

Domain Services

Yahoo’s domain search method is very user-friendly, and Yahoo offers extensive domain suggestions close to your desired domain name target. Yahoo also offers a solid range of other domain services, including both domain forwarding and email forwarding, as well as private domain registration and domain locking in addition to a simple domain transfer process. Its control panel is widely commended for its intuitiveness, and features DNS management. Furthermore, Yahoo offers a bonus starter web page with every domain (making it especially attractive for those who don’t want a full hosting plan currently, but would like some gesture toward a website.)

Additional services

It goes without saying, of course, that Yahoo offers wildly popular email services. However, Yahoo Small Business also offers reseller hosting, ecommerce solutions, and small business marketing services. With Yahoo Small Business, you also have the choice of several different web hosting plans, which all include domain registration and various combinations of other features: email, design and site creation tools, unlimited site storage, and unlimited data transfer. Yahoo Small Business also supplies a 30-day satisfaction to sweeten the deal.
In addition, Yahoo keeps its largely small business clientele in mind by offering Yahoo Small Business Tools, an app gallery, a developer network, and Small Business Advisor (packed with a range of news, advice, and additional site building features). In addition, Yahoo Small Business also offers both affiliate and advocate programs for the true believers in their services.

Basic Pricing

Domain 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 5 Years
.com, .net,
.org, .biz,
.info, .us
$9.95 $19.90 $29.85 $49.95

Yahoo is a bit prone to upselling, at least during the registration process—once you reach the final stages of your purchase, you will be encouraged to add a host of other features to your plan.

Customer support

You can utilize Yahoo’s online customer support, or you can call a representative to receive 24-hour toll-free phone support. Yahoo’s customer support is, perhaps, one of its biggest detractions. Customers’ reviews are mixed: some customers report a thorough and fairly personal customer support experience, other report extended waits. Bear in mind that Yahoo Small Business is well integrated with social media, meaning you can also follow or connect with Yahoo Small Business on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr.

Bottom line

Yahoo offers big-name security and simple registrations at competitive prices, all with a user-friendly interface. Domain registration may be a little minimal on features, but that can be easily remedied with the extra features provided by one of Yahoo’s inexpensive web hosting packages.

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